OK, it's finally out.  (And you can ~still~ barely get to the spark plugs!!!!!

This shows the mounting pod for the V6's right (pass) side motor mount.  Notice it's perfectly vertical.
(i.e. not at an angle, the bolt is level when threaded in)

Now here's the 455's:

Hard to see, but there are three mount hole provisions, like the Olds blocks, and the bolts go in at an upward angle, unlike the level V6 mounts.  The mount holes are considerably farther apart, as well.
Prognosis?  V6 mounts ~WILL NOT FIT~ the 455.

So, the next step is to change the frame pads.

Pass side's V6 mount, on the way out.  These are bolted on, and you need to snake a wrench or socket through the backside of the crossmember.  ~NOT~ for the faint of heart.

Here's the driver's side.  Notice the fuel line coming out of the opening there.  The Olds engines had the fuel line coming out of the same hole on the passenger side.  Also notice, several holes in the front crossmember.  This will allow almost any frame pad to be mounted up.  These will need to be changed.almost regardless of what other engine goes in here, be it Olds, Pontiac, Chevy, or big Buick.  That's probably the biggest pain of the whole swap, right here.

Here's the 455 pod in place, driver's side.  In this case the top two holes line up perfectly. The problem is, they're the wrong mounts.
I had this verified ~after~ it was all said and done.  The holes do ~not~ line up correctlyand drilling or welding is required.
Thesse pads are from a big-car Bucik 455.  The A-body apparantly holds the engine lower to the frame.
These pictures are not  the correct mouting location
They only serve as a basic guide.  Watch that fuel line, if welding is your choice.

This is the pass. side's 455 pad.  I made close-ups to take note of the mount/hole positions.

These frame pads were from the 455 donor.  T/A Performance sells frame pads for this swap, I didn't use them ($60 a pair, your choice of steel or aluminum)
Allegedly, their mounts will allow the engine to sit lower in the chassis here.
These are way too high for my liking, and the engine sets in there offset, but they worked.
We're ready for an engine now, at last.

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